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Our Philosophy

We consider that all significant learning happens within a congruent relationship (Rogers C.); that learning is a social activity (Schôn D.) that can be supported in local and online learning webs (Illich I.) and communities; that democratic processes are necessary for learners to be able to take full responsibility of their learning and apply their action to influence and transform their environment and society (Dewey).
We promote learner autonomy in a democratic and safe learning environment, in which trusting relationships are a core feature. We involve participants in processes of professional and personal development, through the design and implementation of their own projects and we link the learning activities to their everyday practices and work contexts.

We support the use of action research as a tool for participants’ development.  We actively integrate new models of competences, to support the design of  training sessions, and to support participants’ personal and professional development.


We focus on the whole person. 

  • Social Media

    We integrate social media systematically in our approach to learning.

  • Teamwork and Peer-Learning

    We encourage interdisciplinary work, transdisciplinary work, teamwork and peer-learning.

  • Debriefing

    We integrate debriefing, feedback, and guided reflection as a core of our action to delve deeper into the learning and the content of the courses and training sessions.

  • Learner Centered

    All our trainings session are learner-centered, experience-based and active.

  • Modelling

    Instead of teaching about a topic, we model it.

  • Cooperative Methods

    Working in groups does not only mean to involve participants in a common action, but to establish true cooperative structures that support equal participation, interdependence and autonomy in learners.

The teaching profession is one where dissonance is big: people express their ideals and values but do not feel empowered to practice them with their students.

Pascale Mompoint Gaillard

A teacher who loves students, teaching, and oneself, makes the difference. Just recall your favorite teacher to reassure yourself about this. Teaching with your heart is the key.

Gerrit Maris

I tried to teach discovery learning through a lecture. It was like trying to teach the piano by talking about it.

Jón Torfi Jónasson

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