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35,00 / year

Dear Future Member of L2C

We are happy to welcome you to the Learn to Change community. If you feel you are committed to the vision and mission of the association, then your place is here.

We are sure that becoming a member will benefit you in many ways. Read the product description for more details or click sign up now.



By becoming a member of L2C 

  • You support the association and strengthen the community of educators committed to change in education and learning practices.
  • You will receive free booklets offering all you need for a one-day training event on different topics related to our common goals, vision and mission.
  • You enjoy reduced fees for the association’s services: coaching, training, and conferences.
  • You are virtually signing the L2C charter. This signifies that you agree with the principles of communication and collaboration of the association.


Please Note

We are a non-profit organization; our fee is tax deductible in France.

Membership fee is non-refundable. Your membership will be automatically renewed every 12 months. Membership maybe cancelled at any time up to 24 hours prior to the renewal date. You will receive a renewal notification 14 days prior to the renewal date.

Are you an organization?

If you represent an organization wishing to join L2C, then please contact us by filling in the form.

The yearly fee for an organization is:

  • Up to 25 employees/members: 150 euros
  • from 26 to 50 employees/members: 200 euros
  • from 51 to 100 employees/members: 250 euros
  • from 101 to 200 employees/members: 500 euros
  • more than 200 employees/members: 750 euros

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