We integrate debriefing, feedback,  and guided reflection as a core of our action to delve deeper into the learning and the content of the courses and training sessions.

Our reflective practice which consists of debriefing, reflective questioning and feedback connects your training experience to the bigger context. It aims at helping learners to become more aware of the impact our behaviour has on our environment and to find better alignment between the person we want to be and the one we are expressing now.

During our training courses we:

  • Experience the impact powerful questions can have on our personal development.
  • Learn to formulate such questions for students.
  • Reflect on our behaviour and choices from a higher perspective.
  • Assess the underlying values, feelings and beliefs that make us behave in a certain way.
  • Unearth hidden drivers that influence our behaviour and prevent us from being the person we truly want to be, including inherited subconscious values and limiting beliefs about ourselves and others.
  • Boost our personal development by letting go of old scripts that were useful in the past but are not so any longer.