We integrate social media systematically in our approach to learning.

The digital environment creates new opportunities for participation and collaborative knowledge building that transcend the limitations of the pre-digital environment.

The focus should be on educating citizens, forming attitudes friendly to peace, respect, democracy and rule of law and thus reflecting on how the digital processes can be made friendly to human destiny.

Manifesto: ‘Education for Change – Change for Education’

The media environment has changed substantially over the past decades and the ability to use, communicate and interact in a responsible and critical yet beneficial way in this new social space is part of the competences needed to maintain and further develop our democratic societies. The online environment permeates our lives in a much more intensive way than previously imagined. It plays a central role in most aspects of our lives: from identity building and personal development, communication, construction of reality and negotiation of meaning, information retrieval, social interaction and participation to education and learning, to work and entertainment.

Digital technology can never overshadow the inherent power of the pedagogical processes but educators are faced with a paradigm shift and the challenge to become facilitators of learning in an inter-connected world.

Our training courses model examples of good practice, systematically incorporating the use of social media and Web 2 applications throughout.