Aart Franken

I finished my PhD in 2016, focusing on the co-development of early adolescent friendship and externalizing behaviors such as antisocial behaviour, alcohol use, and tobacco use. My experience as a facilitator started at the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations and in 2011 I became active in the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe as a facilitator of the training “education for the prevention of violence in schools.”

My favorite activity is Open Space Discussions, which reflects my style of facilitation.

My style is participative, creative and flexible. Whenever possible, I like participants to be active and in charge of their learning. I enjoy focusing on group processes and dynamics and see how teams collaborate actively.


  • Open Space Technology
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Prevention of Violence
  • Development of Externalizing Behavior
  • Bystanders and Participation



A Call to Action

Learn to change – Change to learn… there are many promises in these words.

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