Richard Harris

I have been involved in education for nearly 30 years, initially in secondary schools as a history teacher and head of history, before moving into university teacher education. I have worked extensively for the Historical Association charity to promote history education, and have advised different government bodies, local authority organisations and examination boards on aspects of history education. Since moving into teacher education my research has focused on: teacher development; the nature of the history curriculum (specifically how students relate to the study of history and teachers’ understanding of history and how this affects the decisions they make); and the challenges of teaching ‘difficult’ and diverse histories. I have been involved with the Pestalozzi Programme for education professionals of the Council of Europe  and have worked on approaches to teaching history in a divided society.


  • Teacher education
  • History education
  • Curriculum
  • Teacher development
  • Diversity education
  • Citizenship education
  • Action research


Updates from Richard

Education for the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity

Education for the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity is a 6-hour teacher training course that focuses on some of the issues associated with educating young people to prevent Crimes against Humanity.

Why History Matters

What was taught in your history lessons and how was it taught? Is history used or abused to shape who we are?

Sanctified or Vilified – Teachers in a Neo-Liberal Age

Teachers have been both cited as crucial to the success of any educational system but at the same time criticised, and occasionally vilified, for the failings of current educational standards. Where does the profession stand?

A Call to Action

Learn to change – Change to learn… there are many promises in these words.



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