Gerrit Maris

I have worked as primary school teacher in traditional and alternative schools (Freinet), and in a school for children with special needs. I have also worked as a teacher-trainer and consultant for the implementation of innovative educational approaches in language education and communication. The past ten years I‘ve worked as an educator for NGO’s in human rights/child rights education.

Always passionate about innovation in pedagogy and education, my motto is “Best practice? Looking for next practice!”.

I have co-developed of a whole-school approach to realize a school climate in line with the Children’s rights schools.  I offer coaching and consultancy for NGOs, Unicef, Amnesty International, and have been a trainer for the Pestalozzi Programme for education professionals of the Council of Europe. I like to integrate ancestral wisdom and techniques of indigenous people into modern holistic approaches. My style is experiential, humorous and unconventional.


  • Innovation in Education: Experimental, Experiential Learning and Participation Processes
  • Human Rights and Children’s Rights Education
  • Holistic Whole School Approach
  • Sex and Sexuality Education
  • Personal Development and Lifelong Learning
  • Energy Work with Power of Nature and Shamanic Techniques
  • Sound Healing and Voice Work
  • Imagination Techniques and Imagery



A Call to Action

Learn to change – Change to learn… there are many promises in these words.

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