Anna-Maria Panagiotidou

Cards for Democracy
Published on
July 02, 2016
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I started gaining work experience in 1991 as an educator, while still studying at Stockholm University. Returning to Greece in 1994, I worked as an office manager in the private sector, for an international construction company for nearly 7 years, gaining knowledge and skills on economics, book keeping, administration and industrial production. In 2003, I became an ICT-educator in public schools and with adults. I am now deputy-head of the high school I’m teaching at.  Since 2013, I have been involved in the Pestalozzi Programme for education professionals of the Council of Europe, in different roles: as a teacher trainer, and moderator of the online Community of Practice.

  • Adult Education
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Education for the Prevention of Violence
  • Social Media
  • Online Professional Communities
  • Inclusive Education
  • Education and Migration
  • Democratic Participation

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