Guðrún Ragnarsdóttir

I started my teaching journey as a compulsory school teacher, then I moved to the upper secondary school level where I was both a teacher and a school leader. I have a master’s degree in Public Health and degrees in Public Administration and Education. I am also a teacher trainer at the University of Iceland, from where I was recently awarded a PhD in Educational Change and Leadership, mainly  focusing on teachers and school leaders in educational change, providing me the possibility to impact future education and ongoing professional development

Since 2006, the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe has been my passion and inspiration in the field of education. Starting as a participant, I have been actively involved in the online community of practice and as a trainer, coordinator, online facilitator, editor and writing contributor, and a participant. The themes I have focused upon include: Education for human rights and democracy, intercultural education, gender, sex- and sexuality education, pedagogy and sport.  


  • Intercultural Understanding
  • Sex and Sexuality Education
  • Professional Development
  • Pedagogy and Active Participation
  • School Leadership and Educational Change



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