Rasa Aškinytė-Degėsienė

I have worked in the area of education (school, university) for 20 years.  I teach philosophy, logic and moral education, write scientific books, textbooks for students in schools and universities. I write novels and Children’s book. Since 2005 I am involved in international teacher education programmes. In 2009, I joined the Pestalozzi Programme for education professionals of the Council of Europe, which opened doors for me to gain a  better understanding of intercultural issues and new learning perspectives. My activities usually are experience based and aim to give a possibility to explore human relationships from a rational perspective, analyse motives and consequences of our actions, understand our values and their importance, and look for a ways how to improve our personal and professional approaches and styles.  

My style is creative, reflective, straightforward, provocative but supportive. 


  • Philosophy of Education
  • Social Philosophy
  • Logic
  • Moral Education
  • Intercultural Education
  • Teachers Development



A Call to Action

Learn to change – Change to learn… there are many promises in these words.

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