What Happened on the L2C Blog in 2016?

Thank you for being part of a community that believes in the power of education to promote change in society!

The Learn to Change (L2C) blog is one way in which we try to support and inspire educators like you. On it we regularly share valuable resources to re-think how learning happens in groups, classes, work teams, institutions and organisations.

The new year has officially begun, so we decided to take a moment to revisit the articles featured in 2016. This is also a great opportunity to check out any articles you may have missed!

In Education for Refugee and Migrant Students, we share a handy infographic that illustrates how educational teams can best welcome and serve refugee students, migrant workers and asylum seekers and their families.

In Let’s Build Rapport – 5 Fun Activities for Educators, we offer creative ways to create rapport, that all important factor for successful learning experiences.

In Self Assessment for the Improvement of Practice, we explore the challenges and rewards of assessing our skills and aptitude as educators, as well as what we project in the classroom, and share four activities to facilitate this.

A First Milestone for Learn to Change celebrates our first training session at the University of Northeast Norway on Intercultural Competence and Cooperation!

In Discovering our DNA: Undermining our Common Humanity we discuss a 5-minute video that went viral in 2016 and whether it succeeds in its goal to unify humanity or in fact results in the very opposite!

The Backwards Brain Bicycle illustrates bias in the brain by way of introducing one small tweak to a bicycle!

In Aftermath of Elections: Teachers Respond, we take a look at how some teachers approached the US election results the following morning and share some ideas according to learner age groups.

In Teacher Diaries… Creating Cooperative Micro-Groups, we are privy to an extract from teacher Anna Maria’s diary as she attempts to work with 26 students in a computer room equipped for 11.

Building a Local Community of Education Professionals introduces us to a group of teachers in Hungary who have decided to meet monthly for “Pestalozzi Fridays” to share their experiences and knowledge.

In our final blog of the year, we discuss how creativity, fun and play can contribute to meaningful learning and share a great resource for games and classroom activities.

Which was your favourite article of the year?
What topics would you like to see covered on the blog?
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