A Call to Action

The mission of Learn to Change (L2C) is to develop individual and collective potential to co-create and actively participate in a sustainable, open and peaceful society. Our vision is a world in which education is the foundation of a just, inclusive, thriving and peaceful society.

We – the members of L2C – are a group of dedicated education professionals and citizens who strive to transform our education structures and practices so that education serves the vision of a society we want to live in.

We want to live in a society in which human rights, dignity, equity, cooperation, participation and happiness are upheld.

L2C strives to carry on the message or the Manifesto: ‘Education for Change – Change for Education’ that calls for an important change of mindsets. It was presented at a conference organized by the Council of Europe, in April 2014 and was adopted by 200 teachers from all over Europe.

As many before us, we agree that education can help answer the challenges that lie ahead of us. For this we want meaningful education, one that affords the development of the personality, preparing youth, and adults, for a life as democratic citizens in diverse, just and humane societies, as well as for a future in a global workforce.

  • We emphasize that responsibility for active participation of every individual in a democratic society, without discrimination or violence, is shared between families, schools, universities, workplace, political and civil society.
  • We reconsider educators’ roles, promote democratic learning environments and view school, and other settings, as a learning communities.

Our philosophy and our methods support educational transformation for developing learners as whole persons (head, heart, hands). 

  • We offer training through courses, workshops, and conferences at local and international levels;
  • We support the educational activities through consultancy and direct services in formal and non-formal contexts;
  • We collect and spread ideas that promote educational transformation through our resource center and publications;
  • We develop and assess competence for democracy;
  • We seek to influence through advocacy.
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By becoming a member you will benefit in many ways:

  • You join a group and become more powerful.
  • You support our common goals and empower yourself to change.
  • You join a community of committed people who want to change education and the way we learn.
  • You get regular resources for lessons, training and advocacy.
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