Teaching and Identity

Identity is manifold. It is ever-changing. Our experiences, encounters, relationships, our paths through life, forge and change our multiple identities. As teachers, our identity is at the core of what we do and how we do it. As teachers, reflecting on our identity takes on a whole new meaning and responsibility as we examine and align our beliefs and values with our actions.

In 2017, Learn to Change has published a series of articles related to identity, providing food for thought and practical ideas for action.

Being a Teacher

What does it mean to "be a teacher"? More than anything else, being a teacher means being all that we want our children to be.

Teacher Agency to Change Education

The power of teacher collaboration: challenges and steps to take.

Recognizing Intercultural Competence

A self-assessment tool to help us recognize and reflect on where we and our students are on the road to intercultural competence.

Building Identity Awareness – The Dynamic Nature of Culture and Identity

Building Identity Awareness – The Dynamic Nature of Culture and Identity is a 6-hour teacher training course that focuses on the notion of identity and its importance to the development of particular attitudes, skills and knowledge related to democratic competence.

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