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2017 has been an exciting year for Learn to Change. Our community continues to grow and inspire educators all over the world. We hope that our work has helped to shift the focus on what really matters – our humanity. We trust that our work has helped bring about change in mindsets and actions.

Today’s blog  wishes to celebrate some of the best articles from 2017. We invite you to read, reflect and if you have not already done so, follow up on the ideas that most inspire you in 2018. We also encourage you to share these articles on social media among your friends and colleagues so that other educators may likewise be inspired to act. Remember to subscribe to our blog to receive regular updates in your inbox.

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Let’s Build Rapport – 5 Fun Activities for Educators

With each new learning adventure come new challenges - establishing a rapport with the class/group is of paramount importance!

Cards for Democracy – Teachers’ Edition

Cards for Democracy are an opportunity for educators to reflect on, examine and improve their attitudes, skills and knowledge to better support democratic processes and improve their own practices and behaviours.

Being a Teacher

What does it mean to "be a teacher"? More than anything else, being a teacher means being all that we want our children to be.

6 Steps for 60 Million Teachers and their Students

Six steps teachers and their students can take to start making the world a better place!

Recognizing Intercultural Competence

A self-assessment tool to help us recognize and reflect on where we and our students are on the road to intercultural competence.

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