Cards for Democracy for All

Cards for Democracy
Published on
April 03, 2018
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Cards for Democracy for All

Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard

Cards for Democracy for All are a set of 60 cards developed by Learn to Change.

They are intended for individuals, on their own and in groups, to reflect on their intention, and nurture a disposition to examine and improve their attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to better contribute to creating democratic spaces and improve their own practices and behaviours for co-constructing a more just and happy society.

The cards identify and describe key actions that people can develop to better act in a society in which democracy is a process that is inclusive of all human beings. Through the activities and the games we can play with the cards, we realise that each and every individual has a responsibility to support inclusive and democratic ways of living together.

DEMOCRACY IS a right and also a struggle. Each and everyone of us can develop our:

  • Creative possibilities to imagine a moral and just society;
  • Willingness to act for the society we wish to live in;
  • Agency to change our environments with our vision in mind.
  • What are my values? Are they democratic?
  • Do I practice my values or am I a living inconsistency?
  • What are the democratic values that are identified as important by others around me?
  • Are the practices, actions and behaviors of actors in my community in line with these values or not? How so?
  • What needs to be done to change any inconsistency?

It can be uplifting to experience how the values we hold dear can take many shapes. In turn, values shape us and they shape and govern our actions as we engage in an activity with any group.

This is collaborative work in progress. It has no ending! We have shared this set of cards as a creative commons product to allow you to explore, invent and further develop it for free and with freedom for creativity.

Click here or on the picture to download your set! 

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