Resource Series 2: The Online Social Space
Fostering Democracy and Human Rights in Online Environments

The Online Social Space – Fostering Democracy and Human Rights in Online Environments is the second booklet published by Learn to Change. It focuses on the challenge of creating a respectful online environment and includes:

  • a brief introduction to the topic, including the attitudes, skills and knowledge that need to be developed to foster democracy and Human Rights in online environments;
  • a 6-hour training session consisting of five activities – an introductory icebreaker to help participants become familiar with the different ways the online social space is used, three activities that support reflection on the role the online social space plays in our lives while re-assessing our personal definition of respect in the online space and developing competences to be interculturally sensitive in our online interactions, and a self-assessment, feedback and action planning session;
  • all the task sheets and other materials needed for the training session.

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