L2C on the Shore

With apologies to Murakami!

Even democratic teachers need a break and over the next few weeks we will be doing just that.

It has been an exciting year so far with more blogs and booklets to come in the fall.

Whether you are getting a sun tan on the beach or enjoying some fresh mountain air away from it all, we cannot but stress how important it is for all educators to recharge their batteries, regain balance and take some tender loving care of themselves.

If this inspires you while you rest, then here is a selection of some of our most popular features to get you going for the new scholastic year!

Why History Matters

What was taught in your history lessons and how was it taught? Is history used or abused to shape who we are?

Cards for Democracy for All

The Cards for Democracy for All are out now!

Quit Teaching and Start Eating Avocados

Is it possible to actually teach? What can we learn from growing an avocado?

Nothing Is What It First Seems

Ever wondered how you could get from a farm to outer space in a few minutes? Here is the description of a wonderful team-building activity… with a twist!

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