Resource Series 3: Education for the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity

Education for the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity is the third booklet published by Learn to Change. It explores some of the issues associated with educating young people to prevent Crimes against Humanity, exploring not only what these are, but how easily people can be swayed to commit acts of violence, and activities to get young people to reflect on their values and ensuring these align with their actions.

  • A brief introduction to the topic, including the components of competences, i.e. the attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding, that the activities aim to develop;
  • The description of a 6-hour training session consisting of expected learning outcomes and sequenced activities (going from ice breaking to evaluation), including continuous debriefing of what is being learnt throughout the session;
  • The complete set of handouts, task sheets and other materials needed for the training session.

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