Luisa Black

Working as an expert for the Council of Europe since 1996, I have been involved in bi-lateral, regional and intergovernmental projects in various countries (Cyprus, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Check Republic, Moldova, Kosovo, Russia Federation, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Romania, Norway and Estonia) delivering keynote speeches, leading interactive workshops, writing education materials and reports. Collaborating with Euroclio since 1998, I was one of the experts involved in the project Understanding a Shared Past, Learning for the Future, which included Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia.

As a consultant for the Council of Europe, I have organised large-scale projects in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo. I wrote the Manual for History Teachers in Bosnia & Herzegovina (2008) and History Teaching Today, Approaches and Methods (2011), for Kosovo, both published by the Council of Europe. I was one of the authors and a member of the editorial and dissemination team of the interactive e-book Shared Histories for a Europe without Dividing Lines, launched in 2014, and am the author of the Evaluation Report of the Project.  As a Member of the Council of Europe’s ad hoc expert group who drafted the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture, and of the Council of Europe’s intergovernmental project Educating for Diversity and Democracy: Teaching History in Contemporary Europe, I specifically focused on the link between the Principles and Guidelines of the history project and the Competences for Democratic Culture. I was a member of the team that just finished (June 2019) the revision of the Global Education Guidelines, a Council of Europe North-South Centre handbook for educators to understand and implement global education.

Apart from this, I was also a university teacher in Lisbon, Portugal. I was responsible for initial teacher training of History teachers, focusing on teaching methods and the supervision of trainee teachers in schools.

Currently, I work in the fields of history education, EDC/HRE and global education. I am also a Deputy Member of the Governing Board of the European Wergeland Centre.

People consider me responsible, professional, friendly and a good communicator, promoter, advocate…


  • History education
  • Global Education
  • Media Literacy
  • Education for Democratic Citizenship
  • Intercultural Education
  • Teacher Training and Teacher Development
  • Critical thinking
  • Multiperspectivity
  • Editing and proofreading



Teaching Gender Issues: An Oral History and Civics Project

History education contributes to peace, stability and democracy but can recreating the past help us to shape our possible futures?

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