The L2C Webinar Series during School Closures

“Empathy as a resource finding and giving support during the COVID-19”, was hosted by Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard with guest speaker and school psychologist Patricia Garouste.

The COVID-19 pandemic provoked the interruption of lessons in many countries which led to the need of new forms of meaningful learning, new pedagogical paths, and principles to be found as to nourish precious teacher-student and student-student relationships supporting everyone’s needs and growth.

34 teachers from Portugal, Spain, Greece, Georgia, France, Germany, Italy, Bosnia, UK, Monaco, Canada, and Mexico joined to learn and share teachers’ and students’ experiences in this challenging moment for both our societies and personal lives. Not only was it an international meeting but an inter-generational one too, as four University students joined us! Thus, the common experience of COVID 19 proved particularly relevant: some issues do remain essential for teachers’ work and surely are worthy to be deepened and surveyed in the unique circumstance we are living through. Teachers are re-discovering their roles in the new situation of distance teaching. In particular, empathy is revealing a resource for teachers, as school closures are causing tensions and increasing pressures when fulfilling responsibilities no longer in classrooms but online. To respond and reground in this situation, Patricia Garouste, school psychologist, guided participants into a reflection on empathy for nurturing self, colleagues, teachers, families, and students alike.

The webinar participants were divided up into small groups where they were able to bring together personal stories into a reflection, sharing experiences by working with two of our  Cards for Democracy for All (link) as well as the Cards for Democracy – Teachers’(link) Edition.

The webinar offered a great example of how to practice a guided, small-group activity giving a voice to all participants and enjoying sharing and learning in the plenary!

The short version of the video shows Patricia Garouste’s presentation and the guidelines for the group work. The long version additionally comprises the feedback from the small-group work discussed afterwards in the plenary.

We would like to thank Patricia and all participants in the webinar who helped to make this a great and successful event.

Short Version

Long Version

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Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash