Student Wellbeing – A New Rapport Towards the Future

Cards for Democracy
Published on
November 22, 2021
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Student Wellbeing

A New Rapport Towards the Future

Featuring the work of Pascale Mompoint-Gaillard

Our thoughts about the future determine in great ways where we focus our attention in the present.

For many recent generations, there was a certain linearity in our thoughts about the future: Progress was linear and tomorrow would be better than yesterday.

There was certainty and linearity that could be counted on.

Youth today don’t have this confidence and conviction.

In fact, they’re left feeling just the opposite: tomorrow may be worse than today.

There is a terrible legacy being handed down to them. A battered planet, increasing poverty levels…

Fear of the unknown is possibly the most fundamental fear of human beings.

Waiting for certainty can feel like torture. The brain prefers a known outcome, even a negative one, than uncertainty.

It’s important that we take student wellbeing and mental health very seriously!

When we are in depression and anxiety, we think efforts are not worth it… it won’t change…

It is important to find creative ways to address these issues at all times.


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