What happened at Learn 2 Change in 2021?

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The Learn to Change (L2C) blog is one way in which we try to support and inspire educators like you.

On it we regularly share valuable resources to re-think how learning happens in groups, classes, work teams, institutions and organizations.

The new year has officially begun, so we decided to take a moment to revisit the articles featured in 2021.

This is also a great opportunity to check out any articles you may have missed!

On 5-7 February 2021 the T4E project held a Teachers’ Winter school online.

The Winter school’s goal is to help teachers take action to promote a teaching practice conducive to well-being and the development of democratic culture in their context, and thus further develop their teacher identity and professional values to nurture the motivation to change. 

We are planning new openings for the program!

To find out more about the program, visit the dedicated page here:


Learn to Change held a space for shared learning.

We invited teachers, parents and students (16+), to join in.

WebLabs were diverse in nature but they all shared the value of conversation as a learning process.

You can lean more about the Weblab series by clicking here:

On 2021 we launched Cards for democracy in 31 different languages!

Cards for democracy is a set of 60 cards intended for all individuals. The cards help to reflect on our intention, and to nurture a disposition to examine and improve our attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to better contribute to creating democratic spaces and improve our practices and behaviors for co-constructing a more just and happy society.

Click here or on the picture to download your set!

Learn to Change’s Team introduced the Educational toolkits to help fight gender stereotypes in collaboration with PPMi.

The educational toolkits developed for the European Commission challenge learners in primary and secondary schools to identify and question gender stereotypes and discover career opportunities in the transport sector.

Learn more about the Toolkits Series by clicking here:

As you can see, the L2C Team has had a busy and rich year.

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Thank you for being part of a community that believes in the power of education to promote change in society!


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