Learn to Change is launching an exploration: Announcement for the Collective

Cards for Democracy
Published on
April 17, 2023
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Announcement for the Collective

In 2023, Learn to Change is launching an exploration!

Learn to Change’s members held a General Assembly in fall 2022, in which the decision was taken to transform the association into a less formal, and more agile entity. Therefore, we will change status, going from an ‘organization’ to a less formal entity that we name ‘The collective’.

What do we mean by “a collective”?

A collective is a group of people who come together informally for a common purpose, who are willing to give time for positive change. The L2C collective does not have a legal entity and so it is a de facto or undeclared association. If you agree with our vision, if you appreciate and use L2C’s resources and materials, you might wish to join the collective! Our work will focus on the dissemination of the popular card game ‘Cards for Democracy’ (C4D) and the general question of our alignment with values when we practice teaching). We opted for this focus because the cards have proven to be of interest to many educators and we wish to make it more available to educators who wish to develop a democratic practice of teaching

There are 3 ways to belong the collective:

Become an Advocate

Become an Advocate to let others know and be seen with like-minded educators!

As an advocate you will become a supporter of our collective and join our card for democracy online community and contribute to the conversation subscribe to our blog and comment, like & share our publications on social media and even send feedback to us once in a while on your use of the materials.

Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador to become a proficient facilitator with Cards for Democracy for Teachers’ professional development.

As an ambassador you will be invited to JOIN training sessions facilitated by highly skilled trainers and other events around the serious game “Cards for Democracy”, and GAIN skills to teach your colleague how to use the “Cards for Democracy”, while getting community support in your activities related to the cards.

Become a Member

If you feel a deep connection and would like to go further, to be involved in a deeper way in our mission, you may envisage to become a creator and core member of the collective. You will join the core of the organization, with access to all its resources, and you will create and design with others. Our hope is that the collective will offer a space for deep growth and transformative learning.

Profiles in the collective

In all three cases, by coming onboard you will join a team of skilled trainers and facilitators, with much experience in teacher education, leadership training, action research in the fields of:

  • Professional development and growing competences for democracy;
  • Intercultural education, diversity, and equity;
  • Human rights and peace education;
  • Prevention of violence and systemic oppression;
  • Generative and empathic communication.

How to join us

If you feel you are committed to the vision and mission of the collective, then you can visit our page where you can become a supporter in the different ways.

To do this, just fill out the form at the bottom of this page: Become a Supporter.

We hope to meet you soon!


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Be part of the change

If you feel you are committed to the vision and mission of the association, then your place is here.

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