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Learn 2 Change

In a world which seems to be increasingly dominated by chaos, change is the only constant. Therefore, we need to learn to change and change to learn.

We are a collective of researchers and practitioners acting for a change of paradigm in education. We advocate for a liberating education and education for democracy in which democracy is seen as a way of life, social and individual. 

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T4E Summer School Academy for Democracy

What we mean by

For us Democracy is much broader than just an institutional political form, a method of conducting government and making laws.

As portrayed by John Dewey, Marie Parker Follet and others,  it is that, of course, but it is something broader and deeper, it is…  “a way of life that calls for the participation of every human being in the formation of the values” that regulate  how we live together.

Thus described, democracy means everyday-democracy, that is lived in interactions with the human - and non-human world - around us. These interactions determine how we organize participation, creativity, inclusion, equity and justice. True democracy can only manifest itself through active participation

Our vision

A world in which education is the foundation of a just, inclusive and thriving society

Our story

A note on our history

At the beginning, 2015

Learn to Change was formerly created in 2015 as an international NGO.

Founded by a group of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in the field of education and human rights.

Collective using Cards for Democracy

Today, 2023

Today Learn 2 Change has morphed into a collective.

We believe that this transition reflects the current need for lighter, more agile organizations that may adapt to changing circumstances.

The move also follows a trend some of us observe towards the multiplication of informal spaces of learning and development. 

Our new organization model will help us focus on our best offerings without being sidetracked by formal, administrative, and legal measures that we often found redundant and/or archaic.  

Collective in Malta

What do we mean by
a collective?

A collective is a group of people who come together informally for a common purpose, who are willing to give time for positive change.

The L2C collective does not have a legal entity and so it is a de facto or undeclared association.

If you agree with our vision, if you appreciate and use L2C’s resources and materials, you might wish to join the collective! Our work will focus on the dissemination of the popular card game ‘Cards for Democracy’ (C4D) and the general question of our alignment with values when we practice teaching).

We opted for this focus because the cards have proven to be of interest to many educators and we wish to make it more available to educators who wish to develop a democratic practice of teaching

The collective ecosystem

There are 3 circles of participation that form the ecosystem of our collective.

Anyone may choose their place in the ecosystem and if you wish to join us please follow our guidance here.

Learn 2 Change Collective Ecosystem

Meet our team

Member of the Learn 2 Change's collective are involved in a deeper way to the mission of the collective. Our work focuses on the dissemination of the card game "Cards for Democracy"

Foteini Veneti

Foteini Veneti is a State EFL teacher and Teacher trainer in Athens, Greece.

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Cinzia Billa

Teacher and educator

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Valia Loutrianaki

I am a teacher of classics, rhetoric and creative thinking in Arsakeia Schools since 2001, holder of DEA (Paris IV, Sorbonne) and a Phd candidate.

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Pilar Santos

My experience in the world of Education started over three decades ago and along all theseyears I have had the opportunity to pursue and develop different interests in the field.

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Marta Viñes Jimeno

I am a teacher at Winterhude Reformschule in Hamburg, Germany where I teach Spanish and Social Sciences. I have been involved in education since 1996. I am also a freelance trainer and a mentor.

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Pascale Mompoint Gaillard

I see myself as a professional and an activist and have worked in the area of intercultural communication, education and leadership training for the past 25 years, in Europe and the USA.

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Richard Harris

I have been involved in education for nearly 30 years, initially in secondary schools as a history teacher and head of history, before moving into university teacher education.

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Carmen Becker

I have been working as a school teacher for the past 14 years. In 2009, I joined the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe and this kicked off my successful career as a teacher trainer.

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Arild Nyvoll

As an educator my focus has been on inclusion and democratic practices. For the last years I have been developing an introduction class for newly arrived youth from a diverse range of countries and cultures.

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Inga Gelashvili

I am an English language teacher in Georgia. I have been working as an invited lecturer and team leader at Ilia State University and as a teacher trainer at National Center for Teacher Professional Development.

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You can become a member too!

By coming onboard you will join a team of skilled trainers and facilitators, with much experience in teacher education, leadership training, action research in the fields of:

  • Professional development and growing competences for democracy 
  • Intercultural education, diversity, and equity
  • Human rights and peace education
  • Prevention of violence and systemic oppression.
  • Generative and empathic communication

We hope to meet you soon!


What our supporters say about us

"Learn to change is the source of inspiration which allows me to gain new experience, improve my workshop and constantly improve my competences.
Recently I have prepared a Polish-Norwegian workshop “Am I a democratic teacher”?. Our signposts were the Cards for Democracy."

Malgorzata Kulesza

Teacher, Poland

"The cards are very useful at school. I translated it for my students. It was the only thing I knox about the association. But I discovered that you offer many opportunities to learn more about how to create a democracy mindset in school. Now I think I'll reflect about using the scenarios."

Dufrêne Isabelle


"Learn to Change is very useful for teachers because of the ideas that are shared and the opportunity for self-reflection on their own work. At the same time, it provides continuity of professional development to all of us who attended the Pestalozzi Program"

Milka Mihailovic

Teacher, Croatia

"Learn to Change is fantastic and has excellent trainers."

Olga Nazzaro

Teacher, Italy

"Am inspiration that can provide ready-to-use ideas, in order to enrich every day learning"

Valia Loutrianaki

Teacher, Greece

"Nécéssaire, importante, créative"

Cristina Gomes da Silva

Teacher, Portugal

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