«How you show up in the world matters»

This is why Cards for Democracy are an important tool today.

They help us develop our interior condition to support democratic environment in our life and work.

What are
Cards for Democracy for All

Cards for Democracy for All are a set of 60 cards intended for individuals, on their own and in groups, to reflect on their intention, and nurture a disposition to examine and improve their attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to better contribute to creating democratic spaces and improve their own practices and behaviors for co-constructing a more just and happy society.

The cards identify and describe key actions that people can develop to better act in a society in which democracy is a process that is inclusive of all human beings. Through the activities and the games we can play with the cards, we realize that each and every individual has a responsibility to support inclusive and democratic ways of living together.

The Cards are available for free under a Creative Commons license. Please read the product description for further details and instructions on how to download.

Cards for Democracy for All
Cards for Democracy for All in Malta

How were they created?

60 educators (teachers, professors, school-heads…) collaborated for some 6 years to develop learning activities that help nurture a democratic environment.

We realized that whether the topic, whether it was teaching history, civics, language etc. There was a core set of learning outcomes that were the same in each area.

We decided to work on finding what these core elements were.

Once we had found the core competences, we set off to identify what observables behaviors we could engage in that would show that we possess the competences: the cards are the behaviors we can display do in different contexts.

«It all starts with me!»

You can use Cards for Democracy to achieve many aspects of your life.
For example, you can use Cards for:


What are my values? Are they democratic?


Do I practice my values or am I a living inconsistency?


What are the democratic values that are identified as important by others around me?


Are the practices, actions and behaviors of actors in my community in line with these values or not? How so? What needs to be done to change any inconsistency?

Facilitator and member during an activity in Malta

Cards for Democracy's impact

Over the years we have reached numerous people distributed in different European countries who have enthusiastically welcomed the Cards for Democracy and put into practice many activities developed around them

People downloaded the Cards
Activities developed around the Cards
Countries reached by the Cards

Related to Cards for Democracy for All

Resources developed by us to support the use of Cards for Democracy for All


Ready to use the Cards for Democracy?

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What our supporters say about Cards

"Learn to change is the source of inspiration which allows me to gain new experience, improve my workshop and constantly improve my competences .Recently I have prepared and conducted a Polish-Norwegian workshop “Am I a democratic teacher”? whose aim has been the reflection on teachers pedagogical and educational practice how to create a safe and democratic environment for students' development in the classroom. Our signposts were the Cards for Democracy."

Malgorzata Kulesza

Teacher, Poland

"The cards are very useful at school. I translated it for my students. It was the only thing I knox about the association. But I discovered that you offer many opportunities to learn more about how to create a democracy mindset in school. Now I think I'll reflect about using the scenarios."

Dufrêne Isabelle


"Learn to Change is very useful for teachers because of the ideas that are shared and the opportunity for self-reflection on their own work. At the same time, it provides continuity of professional development to all of us who attended the Pestalozzi Program"

Milka Mihailovic

Teacher, Croatia

"Learn to Change is fantastic and has excellent trainers."

Olga Nazzaro

Teacher, Italy

"Am inspiration that can provide ready-to-use ideas, in order to enrich every day learning"

Valia Loutrianaki

Teacher, Greece

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