Why History Matters

What was taught in your history lessons and how was it taught? Is history used or abused to shape who we are?

Why History Matters2018-07-07T20:09:42+02:00

Has Education for Democracy Failed? 

Most civics education today at best educates young people to be voters, not to participate in a democracy. Considering today's enormous disruptions and challenges, educating children to be ‘good voters’ is no longer a reasonable answer.

Has Education for Democracy Failed? 2022-01-12T15:22:20+01:00

Sanctified or Vilified – Teachers in a Neo-Liberal Age

Teachers have been both cited as crucial to the success of any educational system but at the same time criticised, and occasionally vilified, for the failings of current educational standards. Where does the profession stand?

Sanctified or Vilified – Teachers in a Neo-Liberal Age2018-03-02T13:52:37+01:00


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