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Please feel free to contact us, we can be reached by email at

Do I have to pay anything to download your resources?
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No, there is no cost required. However, please note that in order for us to send you the PDFs via email, you will need to go through a checkout procedure where, however, you will not be required to incur any costs.

Are you a non-governmental association?
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No, or at least not anymore! Since 2023, we have chosen to change our approach in favor of a simpler and more streamlined structure. To find out more about our story, visit this page.

I would like to join your collective, what can I do?
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Great, new members are always welcome to our collective! You can join us in 3 ways, find out more by visiting the dedicated page.

I'm interested in teacher training, who can I talk to?
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For our teachers' training services, get more information and contact us by visiting this page: Teachers' Training with Cards for Democracy.

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