Foteini Veneti

Foteini Veneti is a State EFL teacher and Teacher trainer in Athens, Greece.

She is an Accredited Lecturer of the University of Derby, UK and also an English Tutor in the
Mediterranean College in the schools of Applied Psychology, Business Management,
Mechanical & Civil Engineering, Early Childhood and Hospitality Management (EAP & ESP)
in International contexts. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature (NKUA), an
MA ( University of Brighton, UK ) and an Med (HOU ).

She is a Phd Candidate in Bicol University, Philippines and her research focuses on Multicultural education in Educational Institutions.

She has been teaching for 40 years both in Private and Public Sector, mostly in Experimental schools of NKUA while she has participated in numerous International and Multinational Collaborative Projects, workshops, seminars, conferences and fora locally and abroad (Europe & Asia), mostly as a Plenary Speaker and Trainer.

Foteini has been collaborating with RcEL of NKUA ( member of the Writing team for BETA English- English for Very Young Learners- Greek National Curriculum) and has been participating in the Mentorship Programme and Practicum of the aforementioned University as a Mentor and
Teacher Trainer for graduate students till today.

She has been a Lead trainer of the Pestalozzi Programme of the Council of Europe & a Teachers4Europe-(L2C) Ambassador (Greek Ministry of Education). She has been an elected member of the Panhellenic English Teachers’ Association Board for decades and an EFL Examiner/Evaluator for National Language Examinations (KPG) of the Greek Ministry of Education. Foteini’s favourite topics
concern the design and implementation of Project/Topic – based methodologies and Cross-Curricular Approaches, Multigrade and Multicultural Education, Education for Refugee children, Innovation in ELT Education, Community Cohesion and Global Citizenship, Diversity, Human Rights, Teaching Autistic children, Teacher Development, Life-long learning, Democratic schools and Gender Equality. Lots of her articles have been published in local and international educational sites and journals.

Foteini is married and a mother of a son who is dealing with European Policy and Politics.


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