Pilar Santos

My experience in the world of Education started over three decades ago and along all these
years I have had the opportunity to pursue and develop different interests in the field.

I am a teacher, a teacher trainer, a curriculum designer and a writer of teaching materials. I
also collaborate with Burlington Books in the revision and analysis of their English coursebooks
and graded readers to check their suitability for the Spanish Education system.

My career started as a secondary English teacher and a part-time university teacher. I then
moved from my job in secondary school to a managerial job as the director of an in-service
teacher training centre. And in September 2022 I accepted a new challenge, and I am now
working again as a secondary English teacher for the Spanish Ministry of Education in a
Spanish school in Casablanca, Morocco.

Both as a teacher and a teacher trainer, I’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with the
education systems of many European countries by taking part in numerous Comenius and
Erasmus+ projects and training courses, as well as in Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme
professional development events. I also got a Fulbright scholarship for secondary European
educators in 2001 and I spent that summer in Amherst, Massachusetts. That experience gave
me an even wider perspective of education.

I would also like to underline my interest in human rights and my experience in curriculum
design and the creation of teaching materials. This experience started even before my teaching
career, with the final thesis of my MA-ELT on curriculum design, and has developed along all
these years, following some specific interests and some personal and professional projects, in
which I have taken part.

As an example, in 2008 I developed all the teaching materials for the 9th grade English
classroom combining the key competences with a CLIL approach. This was the final product of
a study leave I was granted in 2008-2009.

And also as an example, I wrote a teaching unit aiming at the prevention of gender
discrimination and gender violence at school, following my participation in a Pestalozzi Module
Strengthening Education for Democracy, 2016-2017: you can find it by clicking here.

My interest in human rights is both personal and professional. Over the last years I have taken
part in some seminars and courses in the field of human rights. Again as way of examples,
apart from the above-mentioned Pestalozzi Module, I also participated in a Pestalozzi
workshop in Drammen (Norway) in 2016 (Education for all: Building inclusive and supportive
school environments in contexts of change), and also in 2016 I followed an online seminar at
the UNED University in Spain (Development based on Human Rights).

And more recently, as a member of L2C I co-authored the European Commission’s project
Educational toolkits to fight gender stereotypes based on the example of the transport sector.


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