Cards for Democracy – Teachers’ Edition


The Teachers’ Edition of the Cards for Democracy are a set of 72 cards which can be downloaded for free by member of Learn to Change.

Please read the product description for further details and instructions on how to download. 

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Cards for Democracy – Teachers’ Edition

This product is FREE for Members of Learn to Change.

The Teachers’ Edition of the Cards for Democracy are meant for teachers to reflect on, examine and improve their attitudes, skills and knowledge to better support democratic processes and improve their own practices and behaviours. The cards identify and describe key actions that people who are facilitating learning can develop to better act in a society in which democracy is a true process that is inclusive of all human beings.

The cards – and the activities and games we can do with them – propose that  each and every individual has a responsibility for true democracy to live. It’s a right and also a struggle. Each and everyone of us can develop our:

  • Creative possibilities to imagine a moral and just society;
  • Willingness to act for the society we wish to live in;
  • Agency to change our environments with our vision in mind.

We have described one activity in our blog. More will be added as we create them. This is collaborative work in progress. It has no ending!

How to Download
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  • Download the Teachers’ Edition of the Cards for Democracy. 
  • Print and cut out the individual cards to use in your activities.


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