Handbook for Teachers – Teaching European Values

The Handbook for Teachers is designed to give teachers a compact knowledge of the origins, functions, policies and strategies of the European Union. This handbook was created as part of the Erasmus+ KA 3 project Teachers4Europe – Setting an Agora for Democratic Culture.

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The current acceleration and growing complexity of the world that we are experiencing today pushes us to reconsider what we need to know, to do and to be, to meet our challenges.

At the European level, the emergence of populist, nationalist and anti-European parties and tendencies is just one example of the key challenges the European Union and Europeans at large are currently facing.

It is important to meet these and other challenges.

You, as teachers, can be agents of social transformation.

The handbook is designed to give you as a teacher a compact knowledge of the origins, functions, policies and strategies of the European Union.

In addition, methods are included that aim, on the one hand, to enhance students’ knowledge about the EU and, on the other hand, to support an understanding of and a connection with basic European values.

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