Learn more about our Scenarios Series

  • What are they
  • What are they for and how to use them
  • Where to download them

What are Scenarios

Everything starts with Cards for Democracy.

They are a set of 60 cards, available in more than 30 languages, that help us reflect on aspects of our daily life and develop our interior conditions for a democratic culture.

They can be used individually and in groups. They can be used on their own or combined with any other pedagogical or training approach or methodology that you use.

Here’s how we came up with the Scenarios:

To help you use the Cards, we created some structures as examples.

We call such structures Scenarios because they are loose frameworks in which you can develop your creativity as an educator, facilitator, or trainer.

These Scenarios will help you find inspiration to create your own activities.

Who are they for

Scenarios and Cards for Democracy can helpful for you if you are

  • An Educator

  • A Facilitator

  • A Trainer

  • A person who cares about their personal and professional development

How they can impact your life

The Cards for Democracy and their practical use through the Scenarios can help us reflect on our intentions and help us improve our attitudes, skills, knowledge and understanding to better contribute to creating democratic spaces around us and to improve our practice and behaviors for constructing a more just and happy society.

With these tools, we can reflect on our interior conditions for creating deeper and kinder interpersonal relationships for a democratic culture.

We can learn how to show up in the world with democratic values in mind and, for teachers, it’s about learning how to show in the world of education with the democratic values in mind.

Check it out for yourself!

Scenarios are already available on our website. They are eight and they are also divided according to the complexity of the activity: in fact, you can see that the activities are rated from 1 star to 3 star relative to their degree of complexity, from simple (one star) to more complex (three stars).

Check it out for yourself!

Scenario 1 Cover: Exploring Through conversation

Scenario #1

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Scenario #2

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Scenario 6: Mapping and learning collectively cover

Scenario #3

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Scenario #4

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Scenario 5 Evaluation and Assessment cover

Scenario #5

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Scenario #6

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Scenario 7 Cover

Scenario #7

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Scenario #8

Read more


Of course! The Scenarios were made to be available online and offline.
In fact, when you read the online scenario, you will also have the possibility to download it for free and keep it on your devices to check it later.

Sure! Learn 2 Change shares activities for download regularly in the C4D community of practice: Cards for Democracy Facebook group.