Weblab Reflections

Weblab Reflections by L2C Team As mentioned in our other posts about it, a weblab is an online space, outside the pressure of education systems, where educators, students and parents may engage in intergenerational conversations around topics that matter. A Weblab provides a cooperative structure to foster peer [...]

Weblab Reflections2022-01-07T14:23:55+01:00

Art + Technology – WebLab 2

Art + Technology – WebLab 2 How Art and Technology can support students and teachers Some thoughts on how Art and Technology can support students and their ability to express themselves. What are your thoughts on this? We'd love to hear more [...]

Art + Technology – WebLab 22022-01-07T14:23:05+01:00

WebLab #1 – What Questions Emerged?

WebLabs for Shared Learning – WebLab 1 What Question Emerged? As mentioned in the previous article regarding WebLab #1, important questions emerged during the meeting that led to a constructive discussion. The topics centered around the important topic "Making space for Multilingualism" Take a [...]

WebLab #1 – What Questions Emerged?2022-01-07T14:22:35+01:00


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