We are colleagues with diverse professional backgrounds and geographical origins who share similar values in the field of education.

What Have We Come Together For?

Many of us founding and active members of L2C have a common background in the education field and, over the years, we have worked together to develop democratic and inclusive practices. We have seen the power of our common endeavor and experienced how this journey has empowered us as education professionals towards interdisciplinary teamwork. We come together in Learn to Change to pursue our efforts and develop our action further. We want to fill the gaps, see our ideas grow and take actions as a grassroots NGO’s and make our dreams come true.

L2C’s training approach is based upon key principles drawn from a combination of our experience of working with hundreds of teachers, and our knowledge of research into effective forms of training and education (Huber & Mompoint-Gaillard, 2011).

Learning to change is complex and creating lasting, meaningful change is a challenge. This is because changes requires people to examine their attitudes, beliefs, values and actions. Failure to consider these elements can easily lead to resistance to change (Harris & Lazàr, 2011)

By doing this, our association organises actions that support good work in the field of education, of Human rights and democratic culture, also in partnership with other organisations.

We believe in the power of education to promote change in society.

We strive to transform our education structures and practices so that education serves the vision of the society we want to live in.

We want to give voice to education practitioners so that they can implement a true education for human rights and democracy.

A New Ethos for the Profession

Learn to Change centers on the development of an ethos of the profession in a perspective of human rights and democratic participation.

We not only place the learner at the center of every experience but also place the human relationship at the center of all learning.

We create the conditions for meaningful learning in safe learning environments.

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There is no way that a teacher does not transmit values.

Pascale Mompoint Gaillard

Being a teacher is essentially being human.

Charlot Cassar

Teachers do miracles on a daily basis and they are not aware of it.

Ana Žnidarec Čučković